Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 7: The Linux Command Line Ch5 Notes

Chapter 5 - Working With Commands

Let's review a few things from this chapter.

type – Indicate how a command name is interpreted
which – Display which executable program will be executed
help – Get help for shell builtins
man – Display a command's manual page
apropos – Display a list of appropriate commands
info – Display a command's info entry
whatis – Display a very brief description of a command
alias – Create an alias for a command

Question 1
How would you know if the command is built-in or executable?

$ type command

Question 2

How can you learn about usage and options of built-in commands?

$ help command

Question 3

In the command help what is the meaining of square brackets [] and pipe | (this vertical bar thing)?

[ ] - option

| - mutually exclusive option

Question 4

How can you find out what sections of man pages are?

$ man man

Question 5

How to obtain info pages of core utilities discussed so far?

$ info coreutils

Question 6

What is the command that creates an alias?

$ # check if the word for an alias has not been used  yet

$ type word
$ alias name='word'
$ # check alias

$ alias

Question 8

How can you learn about usage and options of executable commands?

$ man command

$ # or
$ info command

This evening, read chapter 6 in TLCL. Don't forget to have fun ;)